“Jeevitham nammal marannu poya ormakal undo? Athu polulla ormakal nammal pine parayunnathu thanneyanu jeevitham” – Unknown

( “Do we have any memories that have made us forget about life? Life itself is what reminds us of those memories.”)

“Jeevithathil oru mukham kazhijathathu pole, adutha sahjareem marikkumo?” – Unknown

( “Just like how one face fades away in life, will the next sunrise also die?”)

“Jeevitham oru vazhikaattu kazhiyatha avasta, jeevithathiletho oru onappurathu pole” – Unknown

( “Life is a condition that has no end, just like a festival in life.”)

“Jeevithathil nammal chilar ninnu polum praarthikunnu, aareyum nammalude jeevithathil nadannu nokku” – Unknown

( “In life, some of us pray every day, that someone would walk in our lives.”)

“Jeevithathil oru kashtamundakkiyaalum, adu mazhake vellam kittanam” – Unknown

( “No matter how difficult life gets, it always finds its way to rain.”)

“Jeevithathil nammal orma prayathil pranayikunnu, jeevikkuka” – Unknown

( “In the memory of life, let’s live in love.”)

“Jeevitham oru kannadi. Aadyam kaanumbo athu athyunnathe kaanum” – Unknown

( “Life is a mirror. Only when we look first, it looks back at us.”)

“Jeevitham chuduka neenthi chavukitharam” – Unknown

( “Life is about getting up after each fall.”)

“Jeevitham oru maramaanu, adutha kaalam aakathathil cherumbol, athu moolathey kaakkumo?” – Unknown

( “Life is a tree. Will it stay rooted if it reaches its next phase?”)

“Jeevithathil nammal marichu poya ormakal undo? Athu chenkathirikkunna jeevitham thanneyanu” – Unknown

( “Do we have any memories that have made us forget about life? Life itself is what remains with us.”)

“Jeevitham swargamennu ninakkaanam, manasil oru nimishathil” – Unknown

( “Life is heaven, in a single moment of the mind.”)

“Jeevitham sharikkunnu, pakshe samaya moluvan thudangiyalum ada onnum muricha kondallo” – Unknown

( “Life moves on, but even if time has stopped, it never stops.”)

“Jeevitham veezhcha, kashtam undaa oo ratri muthazhthi, ethra urakkamulla ormakalundo?” – Unknown MISS HAVISHAM QUOTES

( “When life falls, and there’s a difficult night, do we have enough memories to smile?”)

“Jeevithathil valuthakunna ormakal ormakal” – Unknown

( “The memories that bite in life are memories.”)

“Jeevitham manassil ravunathum manassum ormaykkupoole aakunnathillallo” – Unknown

( “Life is not just about what’s in the mind but also what the mind remembers.”)

“Jeevithathil pedivundel ariyam, jeevithathil puthiya valarchakal” – Unknown

( “Life without struggle is not known, new growth happens in life.”)

“Jeevithathil nammal valaranam, nammude manasum alumbol nammude jeevikalum valarunnu” – Unknown

( “When we grow in life, our lives grow too by our minds.”)

“Jeevitham orma thanneyanu jnan paranjathu” – Unknown

( “Life itself is what I say through memory.”)

“Jeevithathil valarnnathil ariyunna ormakal ormaykkum” – Unknown

( “The memories that grow in life know how to remember.”)

“Jeevitham aarukku aayi nashtappattilla, bhagyathil dheviye kaananayi nashtapettu” – Unknown

( “Life was not lost to anyone, but lost in the search for fortune.”)

“Jeevitham veruthe nokkumbo, ormakal manassil ariyunnu” – Unknown

( “When life is seen without looking, memories are known in the mind.”)

“Jeevithathil nammal mazha nashtappedumo? Jeevitham mazhayil ninno, athu nammal pine nashtapettu” – Unknown

( “Did we lose rain in life? Life itself is rain, which we lost.”)

“Jeevitham vidyoonyam alla, vidyalayam koodiyullu” – Unknown

( “Life is not a disaster, it’s a school.”)

“Jeevitham ariyunnathu thanneyanu, ariyatha jeevitham aarum marannirikilla” – Unknown

( “Life itself is what knows; a life that doesn’t know will never be forgotten.”)

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