“The Russian Revolution is the hope of the whole world.” – John Reed

“We are here to see the most tremendous event in history.” – John Reed

“From the first days of the revolution, it was evident that the Bolsheviks alone possessed the necessary steadfastness and strength to carry the revolution forward.” – John Reed

“There are 830 million peasants in Russia, of whom 40 million possess no land; Lenin has promised every one of them an allotment.” – John Reed

“Raging like a stormy petrel, Trotsky grew more powerful every day.” – John Reed

“These were the leaders of the revolution: reckless in speech, uncertain in action, moody, passionate, quick-witted, loud-voiced, childish and mature, witty and puerile, brave and reckless – all at the same time.” – John Reed

“They were universal: soldiers, sailors, workmen, intellectuals, dreamers of dreams, lovers of life, haters of death – those men and women who had never been concerned with any abstract scheme of national progress.” – John Reed

“Russia was full of peasants. And peasants make revolutions.” – John Reed

“These peasants had been oppressed so long that they had become more ruthless in their own nature than the ruling classes.” – John Reed “Russia is achieving everything the democracy of the West has promised and failed to deliver.” – John Reed

“Across Russia, workmen are in possession of their factories. Across Russia, peasant households divide up the land.” – John Reed

“The Russian Revolution is a glorious social experiment.” – John Reed

“The Russian Revolution is the first victorious revolt of the proletarians of the world.” – John Reed DARCH OIL QUOTE

“Finally, after centuries, the proletariat has been awakened.” – John Reed

“With an iron hand in a velvet glove, he had smashed two mighty armies of counter-revolution.” – John Reed (referring to Trotsky)

“Revolution, to the intellectuals, meant civil war, killing, anarchy. I think instead of conferences, parliamentarianism, cooperation.” – John Reed

“The revolution entered tumultuously into a new phase.” – John Reed

“There are no unvoiced masses in Russia; there are no dumb multitudes. They are thinking, critical, deliberate, active people.” – John Reed

“The Russian Revolution is the beginning of a new era for all humanity.” – John Reed

“The Russian Revolution shattered the shackles of capitalist imperialism.” – John Reed

“The Russian Revolution is a bright beacon of hope for the oppressed and exploited everywhere.” – John Reed

“The Russian Revolution is the most colossal single event in world history.” – John Reed

“In Russia, the working class is the ruling class.” – John Reed

“The Russian Revolution is a mass experiment of a minimum of theory and a maximum of improvisation.” – John Reed

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