“Love and respect are two cornerstones of a healthy relationship.” – Unknown

“Love is when you care for someone deeply, while respect is when you value their worthiness.” – Unknown

“Respect is earned, love is given.” – Unknown

“In a true partnership, there is both love and respect.” – Unknown

“Love without respect is just lust.” – Unknown

“Respect is the foundation of true love.” – Unknown

“When you love and respect someone, you tend to treat them with kindness and dignity.” – Unknown

“Love and respect go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other.” – Unknown

“To truly love someone is to respect their individuality and support their growth.” – Unknown “When you love someone, you view them with admiration and hold them in high regard.” – Unknown

“Love is the fire; respect is the fuel that keeps it burning.” – Unknown

“Respect is the bridge to love. Without it, love cannot flourish.” – Unknown

“In a healthy relationship, both love and respect are mutually reinforced.” – Unknown ANG LEE QUOTES

“Respect acknowledges the value of the other person, while love cherishes it.” – Unknown

“True love is built on a foundation of respect and understanding.” – Unknown

“Respect is the language of love; it speaks volumes without uttering a single word.” – Unknown

“When you love and respect someone, you prioritize their feelings and needs.” – Unknown

“Love is giving without expecting anything in return; respect is receiving and appreciating it.” – Unknown

“Trust and respect are the building blocks of love.” – Unknown

“Respect is the key that unlocks the door to a lasting and loving relationship.” – Unknown

“Love without respect is like a flower without water; it withers away.” – Unknown

“Respect is the glue that holds love together through the ups and downs.” – Unknown

“When love is rooted in respect, it blossoms into a beautiful connection.” – Unknown

“Love is infinite, but it thrives when accompanied by respect.” – Unknown

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