“No one can blame you for not being more loyal to a loser like him.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is what binds men together, even in the face of death.” – Beowulf

“A loyal retainer is worth a hundred relatives.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is the foundation of honor, without it we are nothing.” – Beowulf

“I am loyal to my country, my king, and my people.” – Beowulf

“A true hero always remains loyal to his comrades.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is not blind obedience, but a willing commitment to a cause.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty doesn’t waver in the face of danger, it strengthens.” – Beowulf

“One can always count on loyalty from a true friend.” – Beowulf “Loyalty is tested in the darkest of times, and it shines the brightest.” – Beowulf

“A loyal heart is a shield against adversity.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is the mark of a true warrior.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is not purchased, it is earned.” – Beowulf EARNED NOT GIVEN QUOTE

“A loyal companion is worth more than wealth or power.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is the flame that keeps the spirit alive.” – Beowulf

“A loyal warrior fights not only for himself but for his nation.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is the thread that weaves the tapestry of friendship.” – Beowulf

“A loyal heart knows no defeat, only temporary setbacks.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty cannot be bought, it can only be freely given.” – Beowulf

“In loyalty, there is strength.” – Beowulf

“True loyalty is tested by adversity, for it remains steadfast.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is a sacred vow, never to be broken.” – Beowulf

“A loyal warrior fights with honor, even in the face of defeat.” – Beowulf

“Loyalty is the shield that protects the innocent and the weak.” – Beowulf

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