“In a world full of ordinary, be a little extra and sprinkle some magical glitter.”

“Happiness is like glitter, it spreads magic wherever it goes.”

“Let your dreams shine bright like sparkling glitter.”

“Leave a trail of glitter wherever you go.”

“Life is better when you add a little sparkle.”

“When in doubt, just add glitter.”

“Like glitter, let your uniqueness sparkle and shine.”

“Surround yourself with people who sparkle with magic.”

“Embrace your inner sparkle and watch the world light up.” “She believed in magic, and her life sparkled with glitter.”

“She wore her courage like glitter, shining through every obstacle.”

“Sprinkle some glitter on your dreams and watch them come true.”

“You are made of stardust and magical glitter.” BRENDAN KENNELLY QUOTES

“Let your inner beauty shine brighter than any glitter.”

“Life is too short to live without a little glitter.”

“Choose kindness and sprinkle it like glitter.”

“A little bit of glitter can turn any day into something magical.”

“Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter.”

“May your day be as shiny and as magical as glitter.”

“Sometimes all you need is a little glitter to make everything better.”

“Believe in the power of glitter and watch your dreams unfold.”

“Spread love like confetti and magic like glitter.”

“You sparkle the brightest when you’re being yourself, just like glitter.”

“Even in the darkest moments, there’s always a glimmer of magic, just like glitter.”

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