“The bond between a masi and bhanja is unbreakable.”

“Masis are like second mothers, they always have your back.”

“A masi is a blessing in disguise for every child.”

“A bhanja brings joy and love to the life of a masi.”

“Masis are the coolest aunties, they are always up for fun and adventure.”

“A masi’s love is unconditional, they accept you for who you are.”

“A bhanja is a masi’s pride, they shine bright like a star.”

“Masis are the perfect combination of playmate and confidant.”

“A masi’s heart is big enough to love all her bhanjas equally.”

“Masis are the queens of the family, they rule with love and kindness.”

“Bhanjas are lucky to have a masi who loves them like her own.”

“A masi’s bond with her bhanja is forever, nothing can break it.”

“The love between a masi and bhanja is pure and innocent.” CARL JUNG UNCONSCIOUS QUOTES

“A masi’s love is like a warm hug that never fades away.”

“A bhanja is a masi’s little treasure, they bring joy to her life.”

“Masis are like a ray of sunshine in a child’s life, they brighten up their world.”

“A masi is a friend, guide, and mentor to her bhanja.”

“A masi’s love is like a rock, it never crumbles or breaks.”

“Bhanjas are blessed to have a masi who can make them laugh and wipe away their tears.”

“Masis are magical beings, they have a way of making everything better.”

“A masi’s presence is enough to make a bhanja feel safe and loved.”

“Masis are the best storytellers, they can weave magic with their words.”

“A bhanja’s love for his masi is pure and innocent, just like his heart.”

“A masi’s love is a gift that keeps on giving, it never fades away.”