“I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park!”

“I’m not a racing car. I’m just a racecar hauler!”

“Don’t drive like my brother!”

“I’m not a good loser. It’s not how I’m made.”

“I never leak oil. I just mark my territory.”

“The open road, the smell of the gasoline! It’s paradise!”

“I’m not a backward thinker. You know, I’m a strategist.”

“I’m a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics.”

“The law requires I finish at the back of the pack.” “I used to be a hunk of junk, and now I’m a piece of art!”

“It’s all about the journey, not the finish line.”

“Trust me, I know every shortcut in the book.”

“I’ve got me a motto: ‘When in doubt, flat out!'” INSPIRING HOCKEY QUOTES

“I’m the bomb, baby!”

“I don’t need a map; I have instincts.”

“I’m what you call a ‘bull-loader’.”

“I’m built to tow and prepared to go!”

“I’m just a tow truck with a passion for adventure.”

“If I’m rusty, it’s because I’m resting up for some action!”

“I start my engine. Sputter, sputter, vroom!”

“I’m your tow truckin’ best friend!”

“I may be large, but I’m still quick.”

“I love being me! I’m on top of my game.”

“I’m always ready for an unforgettable pit stop!”

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