“Sisters share a bond that’s forever, just like the beautiful mehndi on their hands.”

“Mehndi is not just a temporary art, it’s a symbol of the everlasting love between sisters.”

“Sisters are like mehndi, they add beauty and joy to our lives.”

“As sisters, our love is as intricate and beautiful as the mehndi designs on our hands.”

“Mehndi may fade away, but the bond between sisters stays strong forever.”

“Sisters are like mehndi patterns, they make life vibrant and colorful.”

“Just like mehndi brings out the beauty of hands, my sister brings out the beauty in my life.”

“Sisters are the mehndi in the book of our lives, adding elegance to every page.”

“Mehndi is a celebration of love, just like the bond I share with my sister.” “Sisters are the mehndi on the canvas of life, creating beautiful memories together.”

“The design of sisterhood is etched on my heart, just like the mehndi on my hands.”

“Sisters are like mehndi, they leave a lasting impression wherever they go.”

“Just like mehndi brings an aura of happiness, my sister brings joy into my life.” QUOTES TRANSLATION IN HINDI

“Mehndi is an art, and having a sister is a masterpiece.”

“Sisters are like mehndi artists, they leave their mark on our hearts forever.”

“Mehndi on my hands, love in my heart, and a sister by my side – what more could I ask for?”

“Sisters make life brighter, just like the vibrant colors of mehndi.”

“Mehndi designs may vary, but the love between sisters remains timeless.”

“Sisters are like mehndi patterns, they make you feel beautiful inside and out.”

“Just as mehndi brings out the beauty of hands, my sister brings out the beauty in me.”

“Mehndi represents the intricate bond between sisters, woven together with love and care.”

“Sisters are the mehndi artists of our lives, making everything more beautiful.”

“Like mehndi, sisterhood is a sacred art filled with love and blessings.”

“Sisters are the mehndi that adorns the canvas of my life, making it more vibrant and joyous.”

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