“Welcome and Happy Midsommar.” – Pelle

“A thousand years of Christendom made us quite the devil-worshipers.” – Ingemar

“I feel like I’m not excited. I should be excited. This is, like, the thesis to my whole grad school application. – Christian

Remember, you have to write about mating rituals.” – Josh

“I think I ate one of her pubic hairs in that pie.” – Mark

“What do you mean? Like life, friends, and everything?” – Dani

“I don’t know why you invited us. That’s what I’m curious about.” – Josh

“We only do this once every 90 years.” – Pelle

“What a ride, huh?” – Connie

“You can’t speak?” – Dani “Maybe he’s just, like, a regular Swedish dude.” – Mark

“I just wish Josh would quit acting like we’re killing him.” – Christian

“I know it feels paradoxical, but it’s like showing them it’s possible to be Penelope after Odysseus.” – Connie

“Not until we repopulate.” – Simon BRADY BUNCH QUOTES

“I don’t get why it’s so hard to meet a nice girl in this country.” – Mark

“I keep forgetting that what we’re experiencing is happening right now.” – Josh

“You can’t speak English? Dani’s like an overseas phone number right now.” – Mark

“It’s like it’s like being in a waking dream.” – Christian

“Dani’s traumatized; you don’t just invite people to traumatize them.” – Josh

“So, you think Will was wearing a scalp? Do you think Mark is gonna wear Simon’s face?” – Josh

“I think it’s kind of fucked that you invited us, except you don’t really seem that excited for us to be here.” – Josh

“I have special feelings for (Dani), and he wants to take that from me.” – Christian

“There are so many who come and go in this world, who would be missed by no one.” – Elder

“You’re a stupid, stupid cunt!” – Dani

“I got you.” – Pelle

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