“Distance means so little when someone means so much.” -Unknown

“Family: where life begins and love never ends.” -Unknown

“Home is where your family is, no matter how far away.” -Unknown

“There is no distance too far between loved ones, for the heart always finds its way back home.” -Unknown

“No matter how many miles separate us, our family bond remains unbreakable.” -Unknown

“In the midst of distance, love finds a way to bridge the gap.” -Unknown

“Even though we may be far apart, I feel your presence in my heart.” -Unknown

“Sometimes the people you love the most are the ones farthest away.” -Unknown

“True family is never apart; it remains in each other’s hearts.” -Unknown “Distance cannot diminish the love we have for our family.” -Unknown

“Although we may be apart, our family’s love knows no borders.” -Unknown

“Love knows no boundaries, not even distance.” -Unknown

“The miles may separate us, but our hearts are always in sync.” -Unknown ENTERTAINER QUOTES

“Family ties are not bound by the constraints of distance.” -Unknown

“No matter where we are, our family’s love surrounds us.” -Unknown

“Our family may be scattered around the globe, but our love keeps us close.” -Unknown

“Despite the miles, our family remains connected by heartstrings.” -Unknown

“Distance is just a test to see how far love can truly go.” -Unknown

“The beauty of family is that no matter where we are, we are always together in spirit.” -Unknown

“Our family’s love knows no borders, for it transcends all distance.” -Unknown

“Distance may separate us physically, but our love keeps us united as a family.” -Unknown

“For every mile that separates us, our love grows stronger.” -Unknown

“Home is not a place, but a feeling. And wherever my family is, that’s where I call home.” -Unknown

“No matter how far apart we are, we carry each other in our hearts.” -Unknown

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