“Silence is sometimes the best response when it comes to toxic people.”

“A lack of communication is often a clear message.”

“Actions speak louder than words, especially when words are absent.”

“Sometimes the most powerful way to say something is to not say anything at all.”

“Don’t waste your time waiting for someone who doesn’t bother to call or message.”

“Ignore the people who treat you like an option and focus on those who prioritize you.”

“Never force someone to make time for you. If they genuinely care, they will.”

“Your silence can speak volumes and teach others a lesson about their behavior.”

“Cut off all communication with those who don’t respect your worth.” “When someone doesn’t make an effort, it’s a clear sign of where you stand in their life.”

“Don’t chase those who don’t value your presence in their lives.”

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anyone who disregards your worth.”

“Not receiving messages or calls can be a blessing in disguise, freeing you from toxic relationships.” ROY T BENNETT QUOTES

“Don’t be afraid to lose people who aren’t afraid to lose you.”

“Remember, no response is a response. And sometimes, it’s the best response.”

“A person’s true priorities can be seen by how much they communicate with you.”

“Your peace of mind is more important than waiting for someone who doesn’t make an effort.”

“Actions that are consistent with silence indicate disinterest.”

“If they can go days without calling or messaging, then you can go days without worrying about them.”

“Don’t waste energy on people who don’t care enough to keep the connection going.”

“Cutting off communication is often a necessary step in reclaiming your self-worth.”

“No message and no call? That’s a sign that they’re not worth your time and effort.”

“You deserve someone who can’t go a day without talking to you.”

“Your worth is not defined by those who choose to ignore you. It’s defined by your self-love and respect.”

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