“I am king of the club kids! The newly-crowned prince of Manhattan!”

“We play dress-up and live in a dream world. It’s fabulous!”

“We’re not just partying, we’re creating a movement, a revolution!”

“I’ll give you the fantasy you’ve always dreamed of. Let’s dance!”

“We’re not just a group, we’re a family. A dysfunctional, glitter-covered family!”

“Money, fame, drugs… it’s all just a means to escape reality, to live in our own little paradise.”

“There’s no such thing as too much sequins or too much glitter!”

“The party never ends in the land of the club kids!”

“We live for the night, where the stars shine brightest and dreams come true.” “We exist to shock, to push boundaries and challenge the norms!”

“We’re not just throwing parties, we’re creating works of art!”

“In our world, weird is wonderful, freaks are celebrated!”

“We’re all freaks, misfits, and outsiders, and that’s what makes us beautiful!” BAD STEP PARENT QUOTES

“We don’t just have fun, we make history!”

“We’re the sword-wielding knights of the night, fighting boredom and conformity, one party at a time.”

“In this outrageous playground, the only rule is to be yourself, no matter how wild or outrageous that might be.”

“We don’t wait for invitations, we crash parties and make them our own!”

“We’re not just partying, we’re spreading joy and happiness in a world filled with monotony and misery.”

“Indulgence is our religion, hedonism our way of life!”

“We may be called party monsters, but we’re really just misunderstood angels.”

“In the realm of the club kids, everyone is welcome, accepted, and loved!”

“We’re not just playing dress-up, we’re transforming ourselves into living works of art!”

“The night belongs to us, and we’re going to make it count!”

“We’re living a never-ending party, and the world is our dance floor!”

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