“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” – Charles Caleb Colton

“Copying is the sincerest form of flattery, but it lacks originality.” – Anna Kendrick

“Copying is not stealing, it’s flattery with a twist.” – Elliot Jay Stocks

“People who copy you, don’t create their own identity.” – Dinesh Kumar Biran

“The best revenge for someone who copied you is to keep creating new things.” – Unknown

“Copying someone only shows that you admire them but it doesn’t define who you are.” – Unknown

“Be original, don’t be a copy of someone else.” – Unknown

“Copying someone’s style simply indicates that you have an eye for quality.” – Becca Fitzpatrick

“Copycats are the laziest of creatures.” – Tamara Thorne “It’s not about who starts, but who finishes. Copycats never finish.” – Jackie Aina

“Copycats can never go beyond the original. They lack creativity.” – Abdul Rauf Ibn Abdul Aziz

“Copycats simply follow the footsteps of others, but leaders make their own path.” – Unknown

“Copying someone’s work is plagiarism, but copying their style is flattery.” – Unknown YOU DESERVE ALL THE HAPPINESS QUOTES

“If people keep copying your ideas, then you must be doing something right.” – Unknown

“Copying someone’s ideas is a lack of respect for the original thinker.” – Unknown

“Copying others is just taking shortcuts instead of making an effort.” – Unknown

“To copy someone is to admit that you lack creativity.” – Unknown

“Copying someone else is easy, but coming up with your own ideas requires effort.” – Unknown

“Copying may help you get ahead, but it doesn’t bring satisfaction.” – Unknown

“Copying is a disservice to yourself, as well as the person you’re copying.” – Unknown

“Copying someone’s work is like stealing their identity.” – Unknown

“Copycats can never replace the original, they are just cheap imitations.” – Unknown

“Copying someone’s work without permission is like stealing their car.” – Unknown

“Copying someone’s style is easy, but finding your own style takes time and effort.” – Unknown

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