“We burned, we soared, and now we will rise from the ashes.” – Galo Thymos

“Firefighters don’t put out fires, they burn through them!” – Galo Thymos

“The only way to put out a fire is with more fire!” – Lio Fotia

“A world without conflict is a world without passion.” – Kray Foresight

“No one can stop the power of our burning souls!” – Galo Thymos

“It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about how you play the game.” – Galo Thymos

“Our flames will light the way, even in the darkest of times.” – Galo Thymos

“Sometimes burning bridges is the only way to move forward.” – Lio Fotia

“The flames of justice will never be extinguished!” – Galo Thymos “We may be different, but our hearts burn with the same fire.” – Lio Fotia

“A hero doesn’t always wear a cape. Sometimes, they wear a firefighter’s suit.” – Galo Thymos

“The power to change the world lies within each and every one of us.” – Lio Fotia

“The hottest flames burn the brightest.” – Kray Foresight MY BOYFRIEND HAS NO TIME FOR ME QUOTES

“In the face of adversity, our flames will only grow stronger.” – Galo Thymos

“Fire is not the enemy, it’s the spark that ignites possibility.” – Lio Fotia

“Burn, baby, burn! Let your passion ignite the world!” – Galo Thymos

“We are not just humans, we are fire incarnate.” – Lio Fotia

“A world without fire is a world without life.” – Kray Foresight

“Together, we can create a future where everyone’s flames burn bright.” – Galo Thymos

“We will rise from the ashes and rebuild what was lost.” – Lio Fotia

“The heat of battle only fuels our determination to prevail.” – Galo Thymos

“Don’t fear the flames, embrace them for they are a symbol of our strength.” – Lio Fotia

“When the world is engulfed in flames, heroes will rise from the ashes.” – Galo Thymos

“Burn away the pain, and let your spirit soar!” – Lio Fotia

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