“I have a pure heart, but my mind can get pretty dirty.”

“My heart is innocent, but my mind is a wild playground of dirty thoughts.”

“A pure heart doesn’t mean a clean mind. Mine is a beautiful mess of naughty thoughts.”

“I may have a pure heart, but my dirty mind always keeps things interesting.”

“Innocence holds my heart, while my mind dances in the dirt.”

“A pure heart and a dirty mind make for an interesting combination.”

“My mind may be dirty, but my heart is always filled with love.”

“My heart is angelic, but my mind is no saint.”

“A dirty mind can spice up a pure heart’s desires.” “Behind this pure heart lies a mind that loves to play dirty.”

“My heart is pure, my soul is kind, but my mind…that’s a different story.”

“A pure heart and a dirty mind make for an intriguing personality.”

“Don’t be fooled by my innocent exterior; my mind is a labyrinth of dirty secrets.” KRISHNA QUOTES IN HINDI FOR LOVE

“A pure heart hides behind a mind filled with tantalizing thoughts.”

“My heart beats with innocence, but my mind wanders in the realms of dirtiness.”

“A pure heart can coexist with a mind that embraces the risqué.”

“With a pure heart and a dirty mind, I’m the perfect concoction of naughty and nice.”

“My heart may be pure, but my mind has a tendency for dirty fantasies.”

“A pure heart, an impure mind – the epitome of contradictions.”

“Deep inside my pure heart resides a naughty mind waiting to be unleashed.”

“I may have a pure heart, but my mind has a mind of its own. And it’s pretty dirty.”

“My heart may be clean, but my mind wanders through the realms of dirtiness.”

“Behind this innocent smile, lies a mind filled with dirty thoughts.”

“I’m a paradox: a pure heart with a mind that indulges in dirtiness.”

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