“I cannot wait to see what happens next, when worlds collide and secrets unravel.”

“She was fire, she was darkness, she was Queen of Shadows.”

“In books, and in life, you need to read several chapters before you get to the good part.”

“But death was her curse and her gift, and death had been her good friend these long, long years.”

“There were good days and bad days. And then there were days when you desperately wished you could erase from existence.”

“Love was the greatest weapon of all.”

“She reminded herself that she was here for vengeance, for justice. And she would not leave until she had it.”

“She had lifted herself up from nothing; she would do so again.”

“To her, the true strength of a person lay in their ability to persevere, despite the odds stacked against them.” “You surrender your fears when you let courage come into your life. You surrender your dreams when you let hope die.”

“There was a world of difference between what a person believed and what a person said.”

“The world would go on, just for one more day.”

“I will not be afraid.” JEAN AUGUSTINE QUOTES

“Failure wasn’t an option.”

“She was a survivor—a survivor who would not stop fighting until she had her revenge.”

“She had no need to be frightened. She had survived far worse than demons. She would survive this, too.”

“Hope was a dangerous thing, but hope was also what fueled her.”

“She had learned how to fight, how to survive, how to be a warrior. And now it was time to show them all.”

“Sometimes the pain of a loss was so sharp that it was difficult to breathe. Sometimes, the pain was so deep, it became a part of who you were.”

“She had seen darkness, had seen what it could do to a person. But she had also seen the light, and it was beautiful.”

“Death was the only god she knew, the only constant in her life.”

“Do not forget who you are, or what you came here to do.”

“Live for yourself, fight for yourself, and never let anyone take away your worth.”

“In the end, she would not be defeated. She would rise, stronger than ever before.”

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