“Innocence is like a fragile flower, easily trampled upon but always beautiful.” – Unknown

“Innocence is bliss, but ignorance is the curse of knowledge.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the most precious gift a person can possess.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a treasure that must be protected and cherished.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the purest form of beauty.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the foundation of trust and love.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a rare virtue in a world tainted by cynicism and corruption.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the key to finding joy in the simplest of things.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the art of seeing the world through untainted eyes.” – Unknown “Innocence is the light that shines through the darkness of life.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the absence of malice and the presence of kindness.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the antidote to the complexities of adulthood.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the sweetest melody that touches the heart.” – Unknown DAUGHTER MISSING PARENTS AFTER MARRIAGE QUOTES

“Innocence is the source of true happiness.” – Unknown

“Innocence is like a fragile bubble that bursts at the slightest touch.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the seed from which empathy and compassion grow.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the gateway to understanding and acceptance.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the armor that protects the heart from pain.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the fire that ignites hope in the darkest times.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the canvas upon which dreams are painted.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the language of the soul, understood by all.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the light that guides us through the labyrinth of life.” – Unknown

“Innocence is the power to inspire goodness in others.” – Unknown

“Innocence is a precious gift that should never be taken for granted.” – Unknown

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