“Lust is a craving that can never be satisfied.” – Unknown

“Lust is the desire for the soul, while love is the desire for the whole.” – Unknown

“Lust is temporary, while love is eternal.” – Unknown

“Lust is a fire that burns within, but love is a flame that warms the soul.” – Unknown

“Lust is a disguise for love, but love needs no disguise.” – Unknown

“Lust is an illusion of the mind, while love is a reality of the heart.” – Unknown

“Lust is like a wildfire, consuming everything in its path.” – Unknown

“Lust is the shadow of desire, while love is its true reflection.” – Unknown

“Lust is a hunger that can never be satisfied, while love is a feast that nourishes the soul.” – Unknown “Lust is a shallow ocean, while love is a deep sea.” – Unknown

“Lust is a storm that passes quickly, but love is a calm that lasts forever.” – Unknown

“Lust is a temporary pleasure, while love is a lifelong journey.” – Unknown

“Lust is a temptation that leads to destruction, but love is a foundation that builds connection.” – Unknown SZA NEW ALBUM QUOTES

“Lust can blind you, but love can open your eyes.” – Unknown

“Lust is a game, but love is a commitment.” – Unknown

“Lust is driven by physical attraction, while love is driven by emotional connection.” – Unknown

“Lust is a whisper, but love is a symphony.” – Unknown

“Lust is a flame that burns hot and fast, but love is a slow-burning fire that lasts.” – Unknown

“Lust is a craving of the body, while love is a craving of the soul.” – Unknown

“Lust is a temporary high, while love is an everlasting bliss.” – Unknown

“Lust is reckless, but love is selfless.” – Unknown

“Lust is a mirage, but love is a oasis.” – Unknown

“Lust is a temporary escape, but love is a permanent refuge.” – Unknown

“Lust is a hunger that leaves you empty, but love is a feast that fills you completely.” – Unknown

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