“I loved you with all my heart.”

“She said she would always be there for me.”

“He promised to never let me down.”

“We were so happy together.”

“They were the best years of my life.”

“I had never felt that way before.”

“She knew that she had made a mistake.”

“He thought he had everything under control.”

“We believed in each other.” “They trusted us to make the right decision.”

“I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.”

“She said I was the love of her life.”

“He regretted not taking the opportunity.” HERBALIFE QUOTES

“We had a disagreement, but we made up.”

“They apologized for their behavior.”

“I wished I had done things differently.”

“She wished she could turn back time.”

“He realized he had been a fool.”

“We knew we had to move on.”

“They admitted they were wrong.”

“I recognized that I had been naive.”

“She confessed to her mistakes.”

“He admitted to his shortcomings.”

“We acknowledged our past mistakes.”

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