“A compass is a simple, yet powerful tool that points us in the right direction.” – Unknown

“A compass will always guide you back to true north, just as your heart will always guide you back to your true self.” – Unknown

“A compass reminds us that even in this vast world, we can always find our way.” – Unknown

“Let your compass guide you, for it knows the way to your dreams.” – Unknown

“A compass tells us that no matter how lost we may feel, there is always a way to find our path again.” – Unknown

“In a world of chaos, a compass is a symbol of stability and direction.” – Unknown

“A compass points to the North, but it is up to us to choose which way to go.” – Unknown

“Just as a compass finds its true North, we must find our true purpose in life.” – Unknown

“A compass doesn’t discriminate, it shows the way to everyone who seeks it.” – Unknown “The compass of your desires leads you towards your destiny.” – Unknown

“A compass is a simple reminder that we have the power to change our course and find a new direction.” – Unknown

“Sometimes in life, we need a compass to lead us out of the darkness and into the light.” – Unknown

“A compass teaches us that the right path is not always the easiest, but it is always worth taking.” – Unknown OVERWHELMED EMOTIONALLY DRAINED QUOTES

“Even in stormy seas, a steady compass will guide you home.” – Unknown

“A compass can’t tell you where to go, but it can always show you where you are.” – Unknown

“When you feel lost and unsure, let your compass be your guide.” – Unknown

“A compass is a symbol of adventure, for it encourages us to explore new places and discover new things.” – Unknown

“In times of uncertainty, let your compass be your constant companion.” – Unknown

“A compass is a reminder that we are always free to chart our own course in life.” – Unknown

“A compass is an instrument of navigation, but also a metaphor for finding our inner direction.” – Unknown

“A compass reminds us that we are never truly lost, as long as we have the desire to find our way.” – Unknown

“Just as a compass points to the North, follow the direction of your passion.” – Unknown

“A compass is a symbol of purpose and intention, guiding us towards our true destination.” – Unknown

“No matter where you roam, a compass will always lead you back home.” – Unknown

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