“You complete me. We may be opposites, but together we are whole.” – Unknown

“They say opposites attract, and maybe that’s why we fit so perfectly.” – Unknown

“We may be different in many ways, but our hearts beat in sync.” – Unknown

“Our differences are what make us strong. Opposites attract for a reason.” – Unknown

“In a world full of chaos, we found balance in each other. Opposites do attract.” – Unknown

“I never thought we would work, but somehow, the opposite forces in us created harmony.” – Unknown

“You challenge me and I challenge you, and together we overcome any obstacle.” – Unknown

“We are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together, despite being different shapes.” – Unknown

“Our love defies logic, but maybe that’s what makes it extraordinary.” – Unknown “We are the living proof that when opposite energies collide, sparks fly.” – Unknown

“Our love story is a beautiful paradox, where different worlds collided and created a masterpiece.” – Unknown

“I never expected to fall in love with someone so different, but now I can’t imagine my life without you.” – Unknown

“We may be polar opposites, but together we create a magnetic force that can’t be denied.” – Unknown FAREWELL QUOTES IN MALAYALAM

“You are the yin to my yang, the fire to my ice. We are the perfect balance.” – Unknown

“Our differences complement each other, like light and shadow dancing together.” – Unknown

“We shine brighter together, despite coming from opposite ends of the galaxy.” – Unknown

“Our contrasting personalities create a beautiful chemistry that keeps us hooked to each other.” – Unknown

“They say love is blind, and maybe that’s why we are drawn to the opposite of what we know.” – Unknown

“We are like different colors on a canvas, blending together to create a vibrant masterpiece.” – Unknown

“Our love is a perfect fusion of disparate elements, creating something extraordinary.” – Unknown

“We may be two sides of a coin, but our love story is worth more than any currency.” – Unknown

“In a world of black and white, we found shades of gray. Our love transcends boundaries.” – Unknown

“When our paths collided, it was like two magnets attracting, despite being polar opposites.” – Unknown

“Our love is a beautiful contradiction, defying all laws of logic and expectations.” – Unknown