“Some people will only be there for you as long as you have something to offer. Once you have served your purpose, they will move on.” – Arti Honrao

“Beware of those who use you when they need you, and toss you aside when they’re done.” – Anonymous

“Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend; some are just calculating how to use you for their own benefit.” – Munia Khan

“Those who use you do not truly care for you. They only care about what you can do for them.” – Anonymous

“Be careful who you trust, some people act like they’re your friend but have hidden agendas to take advantage of you.” – Anonymous

“People who use others are just looking for someone they can manipulate for their own personal gain.” – Anonymous

“Some people only call you when they need you. Once they get what they want, they disappear.” – Anonymous

“It is better to be alone than to be surrounded by people who only use you for their own benefit.” – Anonymous

“If someone is using you, it’s a clear indication that they do not value you as a person, but only as a means to an end.” – Anonymous “Don’t let the kindness in your heart blind you from recognizing the ulterior motives of those who use you.” – Anonymous

“When people only reach out to you when they need something, it’s a red flag that they are using you.” – Anonymous

“Using someone for your own advantage is a sign of weakness, not strength.” – Anonymous

“Never allow yourself to be used by those who see you as nothing more than a pawn in their own game.” – Anonymous FUNNY QUOTES ABOUT INNER PEACE

“If someone keeps taking without giving, they are not a friend; they are an opportunist.” – Anonymous

“One of life’s hardest lessons is realizing that not everyone you’ve helped will be there for you when you need them.” – Anonymous

“When someone uses you, they are essentially stealing your time, energy, and kindness.” – Anonymous

“Using someone’s kindness for personal gain is a selfish act that only reveals the true nature of the user.” – Anonymous

“Don’t let yourself be a stepping stone for those who are only looking to climb higher at your expense.” – Anonymous

“People who use you will never be happy for your success; they only care about their own needs.” – Anonymous

“The sad reality is that there will always be people who take advantage of your generosity, so be cautious with whom you give your time and energy to.” – Anonymous

“Those who use you today will lose you tomorrow when they find someone else to exploit.” – Anonymous

“Don’t be surprised when those who use you suddenly disappear when they no longer need anything from you.” – Anonymous

“Recognize your value and do not settle for being used by others who do not appreciate you.” – Anonymous

“Never underestimate the harm someone can do to you when they only see you as a tool for their own gain.” – Anonymous

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