“Friendship without self-interest is one of the rare and beautiful things in life.” – James Francis Byrnes

“A true friend sees beyond their own needs and desires to support and uplift their friends.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend sees friendship as a means to their own ends, while a selfless friend sees friendship as an opportunity for mutual growth and happiness.” – Unknown

“True friendship is selfless, rooted in love, and devoid of selfish motives.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends only care about what they can gain from a friendship, while true friends care about the well-being and happiness of each other.” – Unknown

“A selfish friendship is like a one-sided equation, where only one person’s needs and desires are prioritized.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends drain your energy and happiness, while selfless friends fill your life with positivity and joy.” – Unknown

“A selfish friendship is built on convenience, while a genuine friendship is built on trust, support, and mutual respect.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends only show up when they need something, while true friends show up in good times and bad.” – Unknown “A selfish friend constantly takes, while a selfless friend gives without expecting anything in return.” – Unknown

“In a selfish friendship, one person’s happiness is prioritized at the expense of the other’s, while in a selfless friendship, both friends’ happiness is equally valued.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends often make you question the authenticity of their friendship, while true friends consistently prove their loyalty and care.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend will always put their own needs first, while a selfless friend will consider your needs alongside their own.” – Unknown MUNNA BHAIYA QUOTES

“Selfish friends are like parasites, draining your energy and happiness, while true friends are like rays of sunshine, nurturing your soul.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends may appear shiny and attractive on the surface, but beneath the shallow facade lies a lack of genuine care and concern.” – Unknown

“Friendship founded on selfishness is bound to crumble, while friendship founded on selflessness grows stronger with time.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend may offer you temporary happiness, but a selfless friend provides a lifelong support system.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends seek personal gain, while selfless friends seek your happiness and well-being.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend will abandon you in times of need, while a selfless friend will be there to lift you up and help you through.” – Unknown

“The mark of a true friend is someone who supports and encourages you without any ulterior motives or selfish desires.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends will never appreciate the value of your friendship, while selfless friends hold your friendship as a precious treasure.” – Unknown

“In a selfish friendship, one person’s needs and wants are always prioritized, leaving the other person feeling neglected and unimportant.” – Unknown

“Selfish friends will take advantage of your kindness and generosity, while selfless friends will cherish and reciprocate your love and care.” – Unknown

“A selfish friend sees you as a means to their own ends, while a selfless friend sees you as a valuable and irreplaceable part of their life.” – Unknown

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