“I don’t throw shade, I just have a very active sunblock policy.” – Unknown

“Throwing shade can be fun, but I prefer to bask in my own glow.” – Unknown

“Life’s too short to throw shade, let’s just shine together.” – Unknown

“When you throw shade, you’re just blocking your own shine.” – Unknown

“Don’t throw shade, throw kindness instead.” – Unknown

“I don’t have time for shade, I’m too busy shining.” – Unknown

“Throwing shade is like throwing rocks at a glass house, you’ll only end up hurting yourself.” – Unknown

“Shade is like a boomerang, it always comes back around.” – Unknown

“Why throw shade when you can throw confetti?” – Unknown

“If you’re going to throw shade, make sure it doesn’t block your own view.” – Unknown

“Throwing shade is easy, shining is hard.” – Unknown

“The best way to throw shade is to not throw it at all.” – Unknown

“Shade is just a reflection of your own insecurities.” – Unknown GARAGE DOOR QUOTE

“Throwing shade is like trying to blow out someone else’s candle, it doesn’t make yours shine brighter.” – Unknown

“I don’t throw shade, I throw shade-resistant compliments.” – Unknown

“Don’t be a shade-thrower, be a sunflower.” – Unknown

“Throwing shade may feel good in the moment, but it doesn’t leave a lasting impression.” – Unknown

“Shine bright like a diamond, don’t throw shade like a cloud.” – Unknown

“The only shade I’m interested in is a shady spot under a tree on a hot summer day.” – Unknown

“Throwing shade is like throwing salt in a wound, it only hurts more.” – Unknown

“Throwing shade is like peeing in a public pool, no one wants to swim in that.” – Unknown

“Throwing shade is like throwing spaghetti at a wall, it doesn’t stick.” – Unknown

“Shade is only temporary, but kindness is everlasting.” – Unknown

“Don’t let shade dim your light, shine on.” – Unknown

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