“You are worthy of nourishment, both physically and emotionally.”

“Food is not your enemy; it is fuel for your body and mind.”

“Don’t let society’s unrealistic standards dictate how you view yourself.”

“Recovery is not linear; it’s okay to have setbacks as long as you keep pushing forward.”

“Your value lies in your strengths, passions, and the love you have to offer, not in your appearance or weight.”

“Embrace the journey of discovering your true and authentic self.”

“You are deserving of love and care, especially from yourself.”

“Growth and true healing come from being kind to yourself, even on the hardest days.”

“No one’s worth is determined by the number on the scale.” “Remember, your body is your home. Treat it with kindness and respect.”

“You deserve to enjoy the simple pleasure of food without guilt or fear.”

“Your worth is not defined by what you eat or how much you exercise.”

“Comparison is the thief of joy. Embrace your uniqueness and appreciate your journey.” OFFICE QUOTES IN HINDI

“Focus on progress, not perfection, in your recovery.”

“Your worth is not tied to the approval or validation of others.”

“Cherish the moments of genuine happiness and connection, even if they happen while enjoying food.”

“Listen to your body’s signals and trust yourself to nourish it appropriately.”

“Take steps towards self-acceptance, knowing that healing is possible.”

“You are not alone in this battle; seek support from others who understand.”

“Celebrate every small victory, and be gentle with yourself in times of struggle.”

“Your mind and spirit deserve as much nourishment as your body.”

“Your worth comes from within, not from external validation or appearances.”

“Recovery is about finding balance and freedom, not restriction and control.”

“Believe in your strength and resilience; know that you have the power to overcome your eating disorder.”