“I’m not a predator, I’m a sneak-attacker!”

“I’m a panther of mystery.”

“I’m a sloth. I do sloth things.”

“I’m too lazy to be extinct.”

“I’m a natural-born leader. I mean, look at me!”

“I’m not just some mammoth! I have feelings!”

“I’m a mammoth. Relaxing is what I do.”

“I’m going to be the king of the mammoths!”

“I’m a saber-tooth squirrel. The deadliest creature in all of the Ice Age!” “I’m on a whole new level of not listening to you.”

“I’m gonna tear you apart like a block of cheddar!”

“I’m not fat. I’m… uh… well-insulated!”

“I’m an animal, and I’m not capable of caring.” KINGDOM OF GOD QUOTES

“I’m just a lowly sloth, undeserving of such praise.”

“I’m done being scared.”

“I’m better off alone. People always hurt you.”

“I’m not a mammoth of science, I’m a mammoth of action!”

“I’m a creature of comfort, not a hero.”

“I’m not going extinct without a fight!”

“I’m a survivor. I always find a way.”

“I’m not a loner. I’m just… independent!”

“I’m not cool. I’m chilly.”

“I’m no stork, but I deliver.”

“I’m a hero. My destiny is to save the world!”

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