“I knew I had become a nobody.”

“I could feel Mother’s terror and fear.”

“Each day, Mother became more abusive.”

“I felt a sharp pain from the knife digging into my arm.”

“I had become the family’s secret.”

“The games Mother played were evil and twisted.”

“Her eyes burned with rage.”

“I felt my spirit slowly wither away.”

“I watched my dreams crumble before me.” “Every day, I prayed for someone to save me.”

“Mother’s twisted pleasure was to see me suffer.”

“I learned to hide my wounds, both physical and emotional.”

“I was nothing more than her punching bag.” MARCH TO THE BEAT OF YOUR OWN DRUM QUOTE

“My only escape was in my dreams.”

“I lost all sense of hope.”

“I learned to detach myself from the pain.”

“I felt the weight of the world on my small shoulders.”

“I saw myself as a worthless burden.”

“I was trapped in a prison of fear and abuse.”

“Mother’s words cut deeper than any physical pain.”

“I longed for love and affection, but received only cruelty.”

“I became numb to the beatings.”

“I saw the darkness consume my mother’s soul.”

“Despite it all, I never lost hope for a better tomorrow.”

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