“The sun never sets on the British Empire.” – Unknown

“Imperialism was a terrible evil, and it should never have happened.” – Tony Benn

“The white man’s burden: civilizing the savage.” – Rudyard Kipling

“Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism.” – Vladimir Lenin

“The colonial powers imposed themselves upon the people of Africa without any regard to the true boundaries of the different tribes.” – Mohammed Ali Jinnah

“Imperialism is a type of relationship, usually unequal, between the powerful and the weak, characterized by domination and subordination.” – Michael Parenti

“Imperialism is the attempt by a stronger country to dominate a weaker country politically, economically, and socially.” – George L. Lee

“Imperialism is the mother of fascism.” – Workers’ International

“Imperialism leaves behind hatred, enmity, and contempt for those who are deemed inferior.” – Fidel Castro “Imperialism is a system of exploitation that occurs not only in the brutal form of those who come with guns to conquer territory. Imperialism often occurs in more subtle forms, a loan, food aid, blackmail.” – Omar Bongo

“Imperialism is not the creation of any one or any one group of states.” – Rashid Khalidi

“Imperialism is the policy or ideology of extending a nation’s rule over foreign nations, often by military force or by gaining political and economic control.” – John Smith

“Imperialism is the exploitation of a weaker nation by a stronger nation.” – Samir Amin STOP BEING CHILDISH QUOTES

“Imperialism is a heartless and ruthless struggle for economic and political domination by the powerful against the weak, regardless of the consequences for humanity.” – Harry Targ

“Imperialism is the intensification of the struggle for colonies.” – Rosa Luxemburg

“Imperialism is a depraved choice of national life, imposed by self-seeking interests which appeal to the lusts of quantitative acquisitiveness and of forceful domination surviving in a nation from early centuries of animal struggle for existence.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Imperialism is capitalism at the stage of development at which the domination of monopolies and finance capital has established itself; in which the export of capital has acquired pronounced importance; in which the division of the world among the international trusts has begun, in which the division of all territories of the globe among the biggest capitalist powers has been completed.” – Vladimir Lenin

“Imperialism is not the creation of any one or any one group of states.” – Rashid Khalidi

“Imperialism is the virus that originated in Europe and then spread globally.” – Mahathir Mohamad

“Imperialism is the vampire of our time.” – Louis Farrakhan

“Imperialism is the exploitation of one nation by another in a period in which monopolies have developed so far that they have begun to play a decisive role in determining the foreign policy of individual capitalist states.” – Vladimir Lenin

“Imperialism has no holy places.” – Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham

“Imperialism is not domination by one country over another, but domination by a few financial oligarchs over the entire world.” – Vladimir Lenin

“Imperialism is not an abstract, or easily definable concept; it is a highly intricate, continually changing phenomenon.” – Samir Amin

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