“A true friend never betrays your trust; a deceitful friend is nothing but a traitor.” – Unknown

“A deceitful friend talks sweetly but stabs you in the back.” – Unknown

“A backstabber is not a friend; they are just waiting for the right moment to strike.” – Unknown

“Fake friends are like shadows, they stick around during the brightest moments and disappear during the darkest times.” – Unknown

“A false friend will always find an excuse for their actions; a true friend doesn’t need one.” – Unknown

“A snake might shed its skin, but a deceitful friend doesn’t change their ways.” – Unknown

“Choose your friends wisely, for a deceitful friend can poison your life.” – Unknown

“A backstabber can pretend to be loyal, but their actions will expose their true colors.” – Unknown

“True friends are like diamonds, rare to find, and valuable to cherish.” – Unknown “A deceitful friend is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” – Unknown

“A dishonest friend will always manipulate and deceive; they have no genuine intentions.” – Unknown

“A backstabbing friend doesn’t deserve your loyalty and affection, cut them out of your life.” – Unknown

“Deceitful friends will sell your secrets to the highest bidder without a second thought.” – Unknown MARGARET CAVENDISH QUOTES

“A liar wears a friendly mask, but their actions will always reveal the truth.” – Unknown

“A deceitful friend will always make you doubt yourself and question your worth.” – Unknown

“Betrayal from a friend cuts deeper than any enemy’s knife.” – Unknown

“A false friend will abandon you in times of need, but a true friend will stand by your side no matter what.” – Unknown

“A deceitful friend is a parasite, sucking away your happiness and destroying your trust.” – Unknown

“Beware of those who befriend you only for their own selfish motives; they will leave you when they’ve gained what they wanted.” – Unknown

“A fake friend is like poison, their influence slowly poisoning your life and happiness.” – Unknown

“A deceitful friend feeds on betrayal, thriving on creating chaos in your life.” – Unknown

“A backstabber may apologize, but their apology will never heal the wounds they inflicted.” – Unknown

“A fake friend will always find an excuse, even when caught red-handed in their deception.” – Unknown

“A deceitful friend will always make you question your instincts, but trust your gut and cut them out of your life.” – Unknown

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