“Karma has a way of dealing with liars in relationships.”

“Lying in a relationship is like planting the seeds of karma.”

“Don’t lie in a relationship; karma has a way of bringing the truth to light.”

“Relationship karma has a special place for those who deceive and betray.”

“Lies destroy the trust in a relationship and invite karma to settle the score.”

“You can try to deceive others in a relationship, but karma knows the truth.”

“Lying in a relationship may give temporary satisfaction, but karma seeks lasting justice.”

“If you think you can lie in a relationship without facing karma, you are mistaken.”

“Karma reminds us that honesty is the foundation of a healthy and lasting relationship.” “Relationship karma always finds a way to expose the dishonesty.”

“Lying in a relationship only delays the inevitable visit from karma.”

“Karma knows the truth behind every word spoken. Be mindful in your relationships.”

“Karma has a message for those who lie in relationships: secrets will always be revealed.” ORSON F WHITNEY QUOTES

“Dishonesty in a relationship invites karma to level the playing field.”

“In relationships, karma ensures that the liar’s true character will be revealed.”

“Lying in a relationship is like sowing seeds of deceit; karma will harvest the truth.”

“Karma teaches us that deceitful actions in a relationship will never go unpunished.”

“Karma has a keen eye for liars in relationships; the truth will always come out.”

“The liar in a relationship may believe they have escaped karma, but it always catches up.”

“Honesty in a relationship shields you from the wrath of karma.”

“Karma has a way of exposing the lies in a relationship; honesty is the only way to avoid it.”

“A web of lies in a relationship only serves to entangle the liar in the threads of karma.”

“Karma’s eye sees all, especially the falsehoods in relationships.”

“In relationships, karma has a subtle way of revealing the liar’s true intentions.”

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