“I am a witch, I have a cat, I fly on a broomstick, and wear a tall hat.”

“I have a wand to help me out, I wave it high and cast my spells with a shout.”

“Down went the broomstick, and I cried, ‘Help me, help me!'”

“I have a bow, that’s new for me. I’ll use it well, just wait and see.”

“The wind blew hard, the storm grew stronger. Would we survive, or be blown away much longer?”

“The dragon grinned and licked his lips, my friends were in danger, I had to be quick!”

“I called my cat, his name is Cat. Together we flew, no time to chat.”

“Up and away, we soared through the air. The broomstick below us, handled with care.”

“We made it to safety, away from the beast. Together we celebrated, our victory feast.” “I thanked my friends for their bravery, for helping me out in my time of need.”

“With a jump and a twirl, we said our goodbyes. Off I flew, towards the clear skies.”

“I am a witch, I fly on a broom. And I’ll always be there when there’s trouble and gloom.”

“The cat meowed as we flew through the night, his eyes glowing bright, a magical sight.” FUNNY SHARK QUOTES

“We flew above trees and mountains so high, the stars shining brightly in the dark sky.”

“We met a dog, who wanted a ride. So we made room, and off we glided.”

“I dropped my wand, oh what a blunder. But with teamwork and magic, we put everything asunder.”

“I used my broom to sweep the moonlight away, revealing a pathway for us to stray.”

“We cast spells with laughter and glee, a group of friends, united and free.”

“With a flick of my wrist, I conjured a feast. Delicious food and drinks, for everyone to feast.”

“The owl hooted and joined in our flight, guiding us through the dark night.”

“We stumbled upon a swampy mess, little did we know, it would put us to the test.”

“We encountered a frog, as cute as can be. He hopped on my broom, for a ride with me.”

“We found a broom, old and worn. We fixed it up and soon it was reborn.”

“The wind blew strong, but we held on tight. Together we conquered the journey’s height.”

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