“I’m an eight, if you spray-tan me I’ll be a nine!”

“Exfoliating before spray tanning is like seasoning the meat before grilling!”

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into getting this spray tan. I look like a carrot!”

“I’m in the middle of a spray tan disaster. I’m walking around like a giant Oompa Loompa!”

“Note to self: never let Chandler be in charge of your spray tan appointment again.”

“I wanted a subtle glow, not to look like I just rolled in a bag of Cheetos!”

“I’ve never seen anyone get a spray tan this far away from Cancun!”

“What kind of spray tan turns your teeth brown?”

“I’m like a spray-tan superhero. I make pale people look like they’ve been kissed by the Sun!” “Spray tans are like a cheat code for confidence. Instant bronze goddess vibes!”

“I don’t need a spray tan to make me feel better about myself. I’m fabulous just the way I am!”

“Is it just me or do you smell like burnt oranges after a spray tan session?”

“I walked out of that spray tan booth looking like a bronze statue on a mission to impress!” FUNNY FAKE QUOTES

“A spray tan is like Photoshop for your skin. It erases all the imperfections!”

“Who needs a vacation to a tropical island when you can just get a spray tan?”

“I thought spray tans would make me look like a swimsuit model. Instead, I look like a Dorito.”

“You know you’ve had too many spray tans when people start asking if you’re an extra from Jersey Shore!”

“Why do we put ourselves through the torture of spray tans? Because pale is never in, my friend!”

“Note to self: Invest in a waterproof spray tan for those inevitable crying sessions.”

“I accidentally sneezed right after my spray tan, and now I have orange boogers!”

“Spray tan preparation motto: exfoliate, shave, and pray you don’t end up looking like a Snooki impersonator!”

“Spray tans are like magic potions, turning me from a ghost to a sun-kissed babe!”

“Spray tans make me feel like a superhero. Forget capes, all you need is a good bronzing session!”

“Spray tans are like a top-secret weapon against pale legs season. I am armed and ready!”

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