“You’ll never know what’s in a horse’s heart until you look into their eyes.”

“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”

“The greatest racehorse ever was Secretariat.”

“To see him run was to believe in something beyond ourselves.”

“I had never seen anything like that. He just soared above the ground.”

“He wasn’t just the fastest, he was the best racehorse in history.”

“His spirit was indomitable, and it carried him straight to the top.”

“His stride was long, fluid and graceful. He was poetry in motion.”

“He burned with a fire that no other horse has ever had.”

“I believe that he was blessed by the hand of God himself.”

“He could run the wind down to exhaustion.”

“He was the embodiment of grace, strength, and speed.”

“He was a once-in-a-lifetime racehorse, a true champion.” ESCAPISM QUOTES

“He made the impossible possible, and the improbable a reality.”

“He was born to run, and he ran like a mythical creature.”

“He ran like he was afraid of nothing, and he was the one to beat.”

“He was bigger than the sport, bigger than the race, bigger than life.”

“His heart was the biggest and strongest of any horse that ever lived.”

“He ran into history, and into legend.”

“He left us in awe, and in wonder.”

“He was the greatest racehorse of all time, bar none.”

“He was more than a winner, he was a force of nature.”

“Secretariat was a phenomenon, a legend, a myth.”

“He proved to us that anything is possible if you believe.”

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