“Seniors, where the spirit never dies!”

“Leave a legacy of cheer!”

“We may be seniors, but our love for cheer remains forever.”

“Senior cheerleaders, leading the way!”

“Leaders on the field, role models for life!”

“Seniors, shaking up the spirit every time!”

“Cheer seniors, making memories one routine at a time.”

“Taking the cheer to new heights, seniors shine bright!”

“Seniors bringing the power, leading the cheer hour.” “Senior cheerleaders, inspiring all from the sidelines.”

“From rookies to seniors, the cheer journey never ends.”

“Seniors bringing the hype, making the crowd come alive!”

“Senior cheerleaders, the spirit squad’s guiding light.” QUOTE BLIJ MET JOU

“Seniors, cheering loud and proud, ready to take the crowd!”

“Seniors, leaving their mark with every jump, stunt, and cheer.”

“Senior cheerleaders, making the most of their final year!”

“From freshman to senior, the cheer bond never breaks.”

“Seniors, living for the cheer, cheering for life.”

“Leaving a lasting legacy, seniors cheer with heart.”

“Senior cheerleaders, the true spirit warriors.”

“Seniors, bringing the cheer fire to all they inspire.”

“From pep rallies to championships, seniors cheer with pride.”

“Seniors, leading the team with passion and grace.”

“Senior cheerleaders, spreading cheer and leaving an unforgettable trace.”

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