“Sestras are everything.” – Sarah Manning

“We’re sisters. And together, we’re strongest.” – Helena

“Family is the only thing that matters.” – Alison Hendrix

“Sestras don’t let each other down.” – Sarah Manning

“No matter what happens, we stick together.” – Cosima Niehaus

“We’re a sisterhood, and we protect our own.” – Helena

“Sestras fight for each other. Always.” – Alison Hendrix

“We’ve got each other’s backs, no matter what.” – Cosima Niehaus

“Sestrahood is forever.” – Sarah Manning “We may be clones, but we’re still family.” – Helena

“Sestras are bound by a love that can’t be broken.” – Alison Hendrix

“When one of us falls, we all rise together.” – Cosima Niehaus

“Sestras never leave each other behind.” – Sarah Manning LOVE IGNORE QUOTES IN HINDI

“We’re not just sisters, we’re warriors.” – Helena

“Sestras are the strongest force in the universe.” – Alison Hendrix

“Together, we can overcome any obstacle.” – Cosima Niehaus

“Sestras accept each other, flaws and all.” – Sarah Manning

“We may be different, but we are all connected.” – Helena

“Sestras share a bond that can’t be replicated.” – Alison Hendrix

“We’re a united front, always.” – Cosima Niehaus

“Sestras always find a way to support each other.” – Sarah Manning

“When we stand together, we’re unstoppable.” – Helena

“Sestra love is unbreakable.” – Alison Hendrix

“No matter what the world throws at us, we’ll face it together.” – Cosima Niehaus

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