“Zindagi mein kamiyaan apne aap ko aur behtar banati hai.” Meaning: “Faults in life make us better.”

“Hum hamesha chalne ke liye tayyar rehna chahiye, jab tak chalne ki shakti hai.” Meaning: “We should always be prepared to move forward as long as we have the ability to walk.”

“Aakarshan sabse pehle dil se hota hai.” Meaning: “Attraction begins from the heart.”

“Dil mein ho bas pyaar aur nafrat ko saaf kar do.” Meaning: “Keep love in your heart and eliminate hatred.”

“Apne sapne ko manzil tak le jaane ke liye, pehle apne aap pe vishwas rakho.” Meaning: “To take your dreams to their destination, first have faith in yourself.”

“Zindagi toh chalti rahegi, humein udaasiyon se aage badhna hoga.” Meaning: “Life will continue, we have to move forward despite sadness.”

“Sachchai apne aap mein ek shakti hai.” Meaning: “Truth is a power in itself.”

“Kamyabi ki rah mein, mushkilen to aayengi hi, par hausle humein haar nahi manne denge.” Meaning: “On the path of success, obstacles will come, but we won’t give up our courage.”

“Dosti apnapan nahi, bharosa hai.” Meaning: “Friendship is not just closeness, it’s trust.”

“Jeene ki asal khushi vyakti ki seva mein hai.” Meaning: “The true joy of life lies in serving others.”

“Pyaar ki qadar karne se apne aap mein khushi milti hai.” Meaning: “By valuing love, one finds happiness within themselves.”

“Manzil par pahuchne ke liye, safar ka anand bhi lena hoga.” Meaning: “To reach the destination, one needs to enjoy the journey as well.”

“Umeed se badi koi taqat nahi hoti.” Meaning: “There is no greater power than hope.” LOVE ISNT EASY QUOTES

“Khush rehna seekho, apne haathon se apni kismat likhna seekho.” Meaning: “Learn to stay happy and learn to write your own destiny with your own hands.”

“Himmat aur mehnat kaamyaabi ki do pehchaan hai.” Meaning: “Courage and hard work are two signs of success.”

“Apno se pyaar karo, kyunki wo humari asli duniya hote hain.” Meaning: “Love your loved ones because they are our real world.”

“Khoya hua samay wapis nahi aata, isliye apne har pal ko jeene ka pura kar ke raho.” Meaning: “Lost time doesn’t come back, so live each moment to the fullest.”

“Chhote chhote khushiyon ko khushi se bhar do, aur duur kinare badi khushiyon ki taraf badho.” Meaning: “Fill small moments of happiness with joy and move towards big happiness.”

“Bure samay mein bhi bade hokar acha insaan bano.” Meaning: “Even in tough times, be a good person when you grow up.”

“Ameer wo nahi hai jiske paas samay ki kami hai, balki wo hai jiske paas khushiyan hai.” Meaning: “The rich are not those who have a shortage of time, but those who have happiness.”

“Dil ki gehraiyon mein chhupi baat sirf do aankhon se samjhi ja sakti hai.” Meaning: “The depth of the heart can only be understood through two eyes.”

“Apne andar ki shakti ko jaagrit karo, aur duniya ko dikha do ki tum kya kar sakte ho.” Meaning: “Awaken the power within you and show the world what you can do.”

“Jo bhi ho raha hai, woh waise hi ho raha hai jaise hona chahiye.” Meaning: “Whatever is happening, it is happening the way it should.”

“Hakikat se bhagwan mil sakta hai, manzil se nahi.” Meaning: “You can meet God through truth, not just through the destination.”

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