“The true colors of a person are revealed by their actions, not their words.”

“In the end, the true colors of someone always shine through, no matter how hard they try to hide them.”

“True colors are like a mirror, reflecting who you really are.”

“When the masks come off, the true colors are revealed.”

“Don’t let the temporary smile fool you, true colors never fade.”

“True colors are not always pretty, but they are always honest.”

“People’s true colors show when they’re faced with adversity, not when everything is going smoothly.”

“Beware of those who paint a beautiful picture but show their true colors when the canvas is blank.”

“True colors can’t be masked forever, eventually they will shine through.” “The true colors of a person are evident in their treatment of others.”

“True colors are never painted with lies, they are displayed with authenticity.”

“Words may deceive, but actions always reveal true colors.”

“In the darkness, true colors shine the brightest.” QUOTES ABOUT SELFISH FRIENDSHIP

“True colors are like a rainbow, vibrant and full of life.”

“True colors are like stained glass, they illuminate when the light shines through.”

“Don’t be blinded by temporary kindness, true colors last a lifetime.”

“You can’t truly know someone until you’ve seen their true colors in difficult times.”

“True colors are like a fingerprint, unique to each individual.”

“True colors are like the stars, they appear brightest in the darkest of nights.”

“No amount of paint can cover up the true colors of a person’s soul.”

“True colors are like constellations, they form a pattern that becomes unmistakable.”

“True colors don’t need an audience, they shine even when no one is watching.”

“True colors are like a prism, they transform light into a beautiful spectrum.”

“The true colors of a person can be seen in their smallest gestures and daily interactions.”

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