“A person who hides their true intentions is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

“Beware of the silent ones, for they are the ones plotting the most.”

“Actions speak louder than words, but silence can be the deadliest weapon.”

“A cunning fox can outsmart a lion.”

“In the game of deceit, the best players are those who strike when least expected.”

“A sneaky smile can hide a thousand secrets.”

“Trust not the person who wears a mask, for they have something to hide.”

“Like a spider in its web, a sneaky person lays their traps carefully.”

“Deception is the art of distracting the eyes while manipulating the mind.” “The wise do not listen to the whispers of deceit, but observe the actions that follow.”

“A sneak attack is more effective than a straightforward battle.”

“The shadows hold the secrets of those who prefer to hide in plain sight.”

“A sneaky person may fall into their own trap.” OGRES ARE LIKE ONIONS QUOTE

“Deception is a dance; the skilled dancers leave no trace of their footsteps.”

“In this world of lies and facades, the truth is a precious gem.”

“Be careful who you trust, for behind that charming smile may lie a wolf.”

“Sneaky is the art of making a move without leaving any evidence behind.”

“Behind every seemingly innocent action, there may lay a hidden agenda.”

“Sneaky is the weapon of choice for those who fear direct confrontation.”

“A sneaky person may win the battle, but they will lose the war.”

“Never blindly follow the path laid out by someone with a sneaky intention.”

“The master of deception knows how to play with fire without getting burned.”

“A sneaky person will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, even if it means stepping on others.”

“The most dangerous lies are the ones whispered in secret, for they can destroy even the strongest bonds.”

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