“All blondes are dumb.”

“Asians are good at math.”

“Women are emotional creatures.”

“Black people are naturally better at sports.”

“All Italians are involved in organized crime.”

“Muslims are all terrorists.”

“Redheads have fiery tempers.”

“British people have bad teeth.”

“Gay men are stylish and fashionable.” “All lawyers are greedy and dishonest.”

“Mexicans are lazy and take jobs away from Americans.”

“French people are rude and arrogant.”

“Teenagers are lazy and unmotivated.” FUNNY NERD QUOTES

“All politicians are corrupt.”

“Asians have strict and overachieving parents.”

“Indian people are all doctors or engineers.”

“All Irish people are heavy drinkers.”

“Old people are forgetful and technologically challenged.”

“All Australians are surfers and beach bums.”

“Muslim women are oppressed and powerless.”

“All accountants are introverted and socially awkward.”

“All artists are eccentric and free-spirited.”

“Nerds are socially awkward and have no fashion sense.”

“All Americans are loud and obnoxious.”

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