“Supervision is not about control, it’s about support.” – Unknown

“Good supervision is like a lighthouse in a storm, guiding you to safety.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the art of bringing out the best in others.” – Unknown

“Effective supervision is the foundation of a successful team.” – Unknown

“In supervision, trust is the key ingredient for growth and development.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the bridge between knowledge and action.” – Unknown

“Supervision is not just about telling people what to do, it’s about helping them discover their own potential.” – Unknown

“Supervision is not a sign of weakness, but of strength and wisdom.” – Unknown

“Great supervision is like a masterful symphony conductor, bringing harmony to the team.” – Unknown “Supervision is the art of balancing guidance and autonomy.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the fuel that powers the engine of progress.” – Unknown

“Good supervision is like a mirror, reflecting back strengths and areas for growth.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the compass that helps navigate the complex world of work.” – Unknown MATLABI DUNIYA QUOTES

“In supervision, collaboration is the secret ingredient for success.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the wind beneath the wings of achievement.” – Unknown

“Effective supervision is the cornerstone of a healthy work environment.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the art of nurturing talent and fostering growth.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the sun that shines light on the path to excellence.” – Unknown

“In supervision, empathy is the currency of understanding.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the key that unlocks the potential within individuals.” – Unknown

“Good supervision is like a steady hand on the tiller, guiding the ship of progress.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the compass that keeps the team on course.” – Unknown

“In supervision, curiosity is the catalyst for learning and improvement.” – Unknown

“Supervision is the heart and soul of effective leadership.” – Unknown

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