“In this life, there is no gain without pain.” – Jiang Yanli

“Even if the world turns against you, I’ll still support you.” – Wei Wuxian

“I don’t want to be a hero, I just want to save my loved ones.” – Lan Wangji

“True friends are hard to find, someone who has your back in every situation.” – Jiang Cheng

“Love is not about possession, it’s about letting go.” – Wen Qing

“Sometimes, the most powerful way to change things is to stay true to yourself.” – Wei Wuxian

“To be strong is not about power, but about control over oneself.” – Lan Xichen

“The greatest treasures in life are the ones that cannot be bought.” – Jiang Yanli

“Sometimes, protecting the ones we love means making difficult choices.” – Lan Wangji “Strength comes from the moments of weakness you overcome.” – Wei Wuxian

“Sometimes, the right path is not the easiest one.” – Wen Ning

“The true power lies within oneself, not in external forces.” – Jiang Cheng

“Happiness is found in the simplest of things.” – Lan Xichen HAPPY TEACHERS DAY FUNNY QUOTES IN HINDI

“In the end, it’s not about who you were, but who you’ve become.” – Wei Wuxian

“The greatest strength is having the courage to be kind.” – Jiang Yanli

“The world can be full of darkness, but we can choose to be the light.” – Lan Wangji

“Sometimes, the greatest victory is in forgiving oneself.” – Lan Xichen

“Broken souls can heal, if given the chance.” – Wei Wuxian

“Love is not an obligation, it’s a choice.” – Jiang Cheng

“Don’t underestimate the power of loyalty and friendship.” – Wen Ning

“Strength should be used to protect, not to harm.” – Lan Wangji

“The past may haunt us, but the future is ours to shape.” – Wei Wuxian

“In the face of adversity, stay strong and don’t give up.” – Jiang Yanli

“Every person has their own story, their own struggles. Be kind.” – Jiang Cheng