“They always come back because they realize they can never find someone like me.”

“Sometimes people leave to realize my value and return to cherish it.”

“They may walk away for a while, but they will always find their way back to me.”

“No matter how far they go, they always come back to the one who truly loves them.”

“The ones who leave are the ones who can’t bear to be without me.”

“A love that is meant to be will always find its way back to you.”

“You may leave, but you will never truly escape the pull that brings you back to me.”

“They may try to forget, but their heart will lead them back to me.”

“Distance and time may separate, but destiny always brings us back together.” “The ones who come back are the ones who realize they never truly left my heart.”

“They may wander, but they will always come back to where they feel home.”

“Sometimes they need to lose me to realize how much they need me.”

“In the chaos of life, they will always seek the calm and comfort that I offer.” MISSING YOU QUOTES IN MARATHI

“They may explore, but they will always return to the familiar warmth of my arms.”

“They may try to run away, but their soul will always find solace in my presence.”

“They may leave, but their heart will never truly forget the love we shared.”

“Distance only strengthens the bond between two souls meant to be together.”

“No matter how much time passes, they always come back to the love they left behind.”

“The magnetism of our connection will always draw them back into my embrace.”

“They may search elsewhere, but they will always return to the place they truly belong.”

“They may think they’ve moved on, but their heart will always lead them back to me.”

“They may venture off, but they will always be driven back to the fire they started.”

“The heart always longs for the familiar, even after it has wandered far away.”

“They may leave, but they will always return to the love that never stopped burning.”

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