“Love is a weakness, and I cannot afford weakness.”

“In this world, there is no room for love.”

“Love is a luxury I cannot afford.”

“Love is a distraction, and I cannot be distracted.”

“Love blinds people, and I cannot afford to be blind.”

“Love is a dangerous game, and I refuse to play.”

“Love is a choice, and I choose not to love.”

“Love is for the weak, and I am not weak.”

“Love is a trap, and I refuse to be trapped.” “Love is for fools, and I am no fool.”

“Love is a liability, and I cannot be liable.”

“Love is a risk, and I am not a risk-taker.”

“Love is a burden, and I refuse to be burdened.” PAIN AND PLEASURE QUOTES

“Love is a weakness that can be exploited.”

“Love is a game I cannot afford to play.”

“Love is a distraction that I must resist.”

“Love is a vulnerability I cannot expose.”

“Love is a battlefield, and I am a soldier.”

“Love is a weapon that can be used against you.”

“Love is a mirage, and I refuse to chase it.”

“Love is an illusion, and I am a realist.”

“Love is a prison, and I refuse to be confined.”

“Love is a betrayal waiting to happen.”

“Love is a myth, and I live in reality.”

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