“I’m tired of people who only show up when they need something from me.”

“I’m tired of fake friends who pretend to care but disappear when I need them.”

“I’m tired of putting effort into relationships that are one-sided.”

“I’m tired of being the only one who makes an effort to keep in touch.”

“I’m tired of people who only reach out to me when they have nothing better to do.”

“I’m tired of giving chances to people who repeatedly let me down.”

“I’m tired of being used and taken for granted by those around me.”

“I’m tired of people who drain my energy with their negativity.”

“I’m tired of people who only talk about themselves and never show interest in my life.” “I’m tired of toxic people who bring drama into my life.”

“I’m tired of being disappointed by the actions of others.”

“I’m tired of people who say one thing but do the opposite.”

“I’m tired of being let down by the same people over and over again.” INSPIRATIONAL BALLET QUOTES

“I’m tired of being surrounded by fake smiles and empty promises.”

“I’m tired of people who only remember me when it’s convenient for them.”

“I’m tired of having to prove my worth to others who constantly underestimate me.”

“I’m tired of being treated like an option instead of a priority.”

“I’m tired of people who don’t respect my boundaries and take advantage of my kindness.”

“I’m tired of dealing with people who never take responsibility for their actions.”

“I’m tired of putting up with negativity and choosing to prioritize my own happiness.”

“I’m tired of being a listening ear for everyone else, but never finding someone who listens when I need it.”

“I’m tired of people who constantly bring me down with their negativity and lack of support.”

“I’m tired of people who always make excuses and never take actions to improve themselves or their situations.”

“I’m tired of toxic relationships that only bring me stress and unhappiness. It’s time to let go and find genuine connections.”

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