“Sach mein yeh kahani sirf Ishq ki hai, Pyaar ki hai, Mohabbat ki hai.” – Veer ( “Truly, this story is only about love, about passion, about affection.”)

“Yeh ishq nahin aasaan, bas itna samajh lijiye, ek aag ka dariya hai, aur doob ke jaana hai.” – Veer ( “Love is not easy, just understand this, it’s a river of fire, and one has to drown in it.”)

“Har insaan ke zindagi mein chaar log zaroor hote hain – maa-baap, aur doosra pyaar ka aadmi. Zindagi bhar aap aur aapka pyaar yaad karenge.” – Veer ( “Every person’s life has four important people – parents, and the other, the person they love. You and your love will be remembered forever.”)

“Aisa toh Aadmi Life mein Doich time bhaagta hai… Olympic ka race ho, yaa Police ka case ho… Tum kaayko bhaagta hai Bhai?” – Saamiya ( “A person only runs twice in life… either in an Olympic race or a police chase… why are you running brother?”)

“Mohabbat mein koi mausam nahi hota, aadmi aaj bhi wohi hai joh do hazaar saal pehle tha.” – Saamiya ( “Love doesn’t have any season, people are the same today as they were two thousand years ago.”)

“Pyaar yaqeen hai, ke nahi bhi yaqeen hai?” – Zaara ( “Love is belief, whether you believe it or not?”)

“Ek din mai, tumhari duniya badal dunga.” – Veer ( “One day, I will change your world.”)

“Pyar ka asar zara der se hota hai, magar uska asar sada ke liye hota hai.” – Zaara ( “Love’s impact may be delayed, but its impact lasts forever.”)

“Mere mulk mein kisi ki izat rakhni ho, kisi ki muskurahat dekhni ho, toh mere DVD player aur TV zaroor kharab ho jana chahiye.” – Veer ( “If you want to preserve someone’s respect in my country, if you want to see someone’s smile, then my DVD player and TV should definitely break.”)

“Yahan koi sadak nahin, humari mohabbat ki sadak hai.” – Veer ( “There is no road here, it’s the road of our love.”)

“Jab ek aag bujhti hai, toh doosri aag boond boond karke bujhti hai, ghar banane wale aadmi ko tum kya sikhaoge?” – Veer ( “When one fire extinguishes, another extinguishes drop by drop, what will you teach the person who builds homes?”)

“Zamaane ne tumko humpe aitbaar kiya, toh hum teri mohabbat par aitbaar kar baithhe.” – Zaara ( “If the world trusted you with me, then I trusted your love.”)

“Zaara, agar tum ishq kar lo, toh unse mohabbat kar lo…lekin hamein azaad kar do.” – Veer ( “Zaara, if you fall in love, then love him…but set us free.”) LEVEN EN LATEN LEVEN QUOTES

“Kisi ko bachcha lena jitna mushkil nahi, usse farz nibhana utna hi mushkil hai.” – Veer ( “It’s not as difficult to have a child, it’s as difficult to fulfil the responsibilities.”)

“Voh sapne hote hain jo aap sote waqt dekhte hain, aur wohi khwaab hote hain jo aap jagnE ke baad tute ho.” – Veer ( “Those are the dreams that you see while asleep, and those are the dreams that shatter after you wake up.”)

“Pyaar ke liye toh khuda bhi be-asar ho jata hai.” – Saamiya ( “For love, even God becomes powerless.”)

“Mohabbat paani hai joh behti hai, aur behti hi rehti hai.” – Veer ( “Love is like water, it keeps flowing.”)

“Mohabbat agar aapki zindagi mein honi chahiye, toh aapko usse apni zindagi ke saman hona padega.” – Saamiya ( “If love should be in your life, then you need to consider it as your life.”)

“Alag zamaanay ke log, alag zamaane ki baatein.” – Veer ( “People of different times, things from different times.”)

“Mohabbat mein mohabbat ka silsila, aaj aur hamesha.” – Veer ( “The story of love in the past, present, and forever.”)

“Pyaar ke liye jiye toh, kya jiye?” – Zaara ( “If not lived for love, then what should one live for?”)

“Jab woh tumhare chehre pe apna hath rakhenge, toh tum bhi samjhogi.” – Veer ( “When they place their hand on your face, you will understand too.”)

“Yeh aaine ki baat hai, joh aaina 30 saal se bana huva hai, usmein aaj mujhe pehchanta hai.” – Shah Rukh Khan ( “It’s about the mirror, which has been there for 30 years, and recognizes me today.”)

“Aaj tak hamari shaan yahi thi, ki hum desh ke liye kuch kar rahe hain, aaj hume yeh ehsaas ho gaya hai ki desh bhi humare liye kuch karta hai.” – Veer ( “Until now, our pride was that we are doing something for the country, today we realize that the country also does something for us.”)

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