“We don’t talk anymore, but I still think about you every day.”

“Sometimes silence says it all, and in our case, it speaks volumes.”

“Our words used to be a melody, but now they’re just echoes of what we used to have.”

“The most painful part is not the goodbye, but the silence that follows.”

“We went from sharing everything to not sharing a single word.”

“Silence can be the loudest scream in a broken relationship.”

“It’s ironic how the person you used to tell everything to, becomes the one you can’t speak to at all.”

“Our conversations have turned into unsent messages and unread texts.”

“Communication used to be effortless between us, now it feels like work.” “The more we don’t talk, the more I realize how much I miss our conversations.”

“Silence is the ultimate barrier that separates us from each other.”

“Our silence has become a language of its own, filled with unspoken words and unfinished sentences.”

“Sometimes silence is the only response left when words can no longer heal.” ONE SIDED FRIENDSHIP QUOTES

“Our story ended not with a bang, but with a painful silence.”

“We don’t talk anymore, but every time our paths cross, our eyes still remember.”

“Silence is the void that remains when love loses its voice.”

“There’s a sadness in not talking to someone who used to mean so much to you.”

“Silence is the aftermath of a conversation that broke us apart.”

“We stopped talking, but my heart still remembers every word we ever shared.”

“Our silence is a painful reminder that sometimes love isn’t enough.”

“Silence is the language of heartbreak, when words fail to mend what’s broken.”

“Not talking to you is like trying to scream in a soundproof room.”

“We don’t talk anymore, and that’s the saddest song on replay in my heart.”

“Sometimes the unsaid words hurt more than the ones we actually speak.”

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