“Turning 40 is like finally discovering the last piece of the puzzle…and realizing you’re missing a piece.”

“At 40, you finally stop worrying about what others think and start embracing your inner crazy!”

“Forty is just a number…a really big number that comes with backaches and grey hairs!”

“Reaching 40 means you’ve survived decades of awkward fashion and hair trends. Congratulations!”

“Who needs anti-aging creams when you’ve got a hilarious sense of humor?”

“Forty: the age when you start getting comfort over fashion…or maybe just give up on both!”

“Forty is when you start to realize that you’re too old for all-nighters and too young for early bird specials.”

“Turning 40 is like waking up and realizing you forgot to study for the biggest test of your life!”

“Forty: the age when you can rationalize buying that expensive face cream because you’ve earned each wrinkle.” “Forty doesn’t mean you’re over the hill, it just means now you have a higher vantage point to look down on people from!”

“Forty is a time to celebrate all the wisdom you’ve acquired…and to Google what all those strange body parts are for!”

“They say 40 is the new 30…but my knees would definitely disagree!”

“The secret to turning 40? A good attitude, a great sense of humor, and a wardrobe full of elastic waistbands.” FUNNY THANKSGIVING LETTER BOARD QUOTES

“Forty isn’t scary, it’s just a big reminder that our metabolism has run off into the sunset without us.”

“At 40, you’ve learned that the best accessory is a genuine smile…and maybe a pair of reading glasses.”

“Forty is the age when you start worrying less about fitting into tight jeans and more about whether you can still find your car in the parking lot.”

“Turning 40 is like starting a new chapter in your life, except the book just got a lot thicker!”

“The best part about turning 40? Your kids can finally start taking over those annoying technical tasks for you.”

“Forty: the age when you start embracing your grey hair, because it’s either that or spend your entire paycheck on hair dye.”

“Why worry about turning 40 when you can just laugh it off? After all, wrinkles are just laugh lines in disguise!”

“Forty is the age when you finally realize your parents were right about everything…and also that you’ve become your parents.”

“Forty may bring a few more aches and pains, but think of it this way: you just gained a few more comedy material!”

“Forty is like a fine wine – it may have its ups and downs, but it’s definitely worth celebrating!”

“Turning 40 is like unlocking the next level in the game of life, where you get to enjoy all the perks of wisdom and fake hearing loss.”

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