“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can also hurt me.”

“Words have the power to leave scars that never heal.”

“Be careful with your words, for once they are said, they can only be forgiven, not forgotten.”

“In the battle between the sword and the word, the word always triumphs.”

“A dagger of words can pierce the heart more deeply than any weapon.”

“Words can cut like a knife, leaving wounds that time won’t heal.”

“The pain caused by words can haunt a person long after the bruises heal.”

“The most painful scars are often invisible – etched in the soul by cruel words.”

“The damage we inflict with our words can be irreversible.” “Kindness costs nothing, so why do some choose to pay in hurtful words?”

“The tongue can speak a thousand words, but it only takes one to destroy someone.”

“Your words may be forgotten, but their impact lingers on.”

“Words hurt more when they come from someone we care about.” BHOJPURI QUOTES IN HINDI

“Silence can sometimes be the loudest and most hurtful word of all.”

“Choose your words carefully; you never know whose dreams you may shatter.”

“The ability to leave someone speechless should never be taken as a compliment.”

“Harsh words leave lasting marks on the souls they touch.”

“Hurtful words can echo in our minds long after they were spoken.”

“Words can be swords or healing balm. The choice is yours.”

“Words have the power to tear down bridges or build them up.”

“The wounds from an unkind word may heal, but the scars remain.”

“Behind every criticism lies the potential to hurt and destroy.”

“One word can hold the power to break a person’s spirit or mend a broken heart.”

“Weigh your words carefully, for they carry more weight than you may realize.”

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