“If you don’t value me, you don’t deserve me.”

“I deserve someone who knows my worth, not someone who takes it for granted.”

“You had me, but you lost me.”

“I won’t settle for someone who doesn’t see my value.”

“Don’t expect me to stay when you don’t appreciate me.”

“I am not someone you can have on a trial basis. Either you want me or you don’t.”

“You don’t deserve my love if you can’t love me the way I deserve.”

“I won’t be treated like an option, I deserve to be someone’s priority.”

“You had the chance to have me, but you didn’t value me enough to keep me.” “I deserve someone who chooses me every day, not someone who only wants me when it’s convenient.”

“If you can’t see all that I bring to your life, then you simply don’t deserve me.”

“I am a rare gem, and you don’t know how to appreciate me.”

“I refuse to be with someone who doesn’t recognize my worth.” FUNNY AVIATION QUOTES

“You had the best, but you let it slip away.”

“I deserve to be treated with love and respect, and if you can’t provide that, then you don’t deserve me.”

“I deserve someone who loves me unconditionally, not someone who only loves me when it’s convenient for them.”

“I will no longer settle for being less than I deserve.”

“You don’t have the right to be in my life if you can’t appreciate me.”

“I am worthy of a love that is real and enduring.”

“I won’t settle for someone who makes me feel like I’m not enough.”

“I am deserving of a love that lifts me up, not brings me down.”

“You missed out on something incredible by not seeing my worth.”

“I won’t be with someone who doesn’t know how to cherish and adore me.”

“I deserve a love that makes me feel extraordinary, not one that makes me question my worth.”