“Hate me now, love me later.”

“You hate me because you ain’t me.”

“If you hate me, that’s your problem, not mine.”

“Haters gonna hate, I’ll just keep shining.”

“I don’t care if you hate me, I’m still gonna do me.”

“I may be hated, but I’ll always rise above.”

“Hate me all you want, I’m still gonna succeed.”

“Your hate towards me only fuels my motivation.”

“Hate me for who I am, I’ll love you for who you’re not.” “Hating me won’t make you any better than me.”

“You hate me because I’m the reflection of what you fear to be.”

“Hate me today, but I’ll be tomorrow’s inspiration.”

“Your hate towards me only shows your own insecurities.” GULABI QUOTES

“Hate me or love me, I’m still gonna strive for greatness.”

“My success will always be a reminder of your failure, that’s why you hate me.”

“Hate me all you want, but remember, I’m still gonna rise.”

“Hating me won’t diminish my worth, it only reflects yours.”

“Your hate towards me only reflects the emptiness within you.”

“The more you hate me, the more determined I become.”

“Hate me all you want, it won’t stop me from achieving my dreams.”

“I don’t need your approval, so feel free to hate me.”

“Hate me now, appreciate me later.”

“The ones who hate me are the ones I’ve surpassed.”

“Hate me for being me, I’ll love you for hating me.”

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